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PropTech Solutions
What IT solutions can we offer for your construction business?

Construction IT ecosystem

It includes products-ecosystem modules, a corporate information portal, a platform for interaction of all participants in the development lifecycle, reporting, organizational structure, task tracker, IT support, and other services

Construction project management system

Calendar planning and project implementation control based on the best world practices methodologies, taking into account adaptation to the every market
Financial management in construction

Financial simulation model. A tool for monitoring and scenario forecasting of the company's financial condition
Construction documentation automatization

Progressive system for storing and providing up-to-date blueprints in electronic form

PropTech.Prof Control
Construction quality control

Automation of construction control, solution for technical supervision and commissioning
PropTech.BPMS. Process factory
Acceleration of business process automation

Methodology for transformation of organizational structure and department functions
PropTech. Digital PTD
Automatic generation of as-built documentation

Accounting for work volumes. Collecting the fact of completed site works
PropTech. Support
Analysis of the current state of IT and IT strategy development
PropTech.HR LEAN
The platform for making effective HR decisions

Forms a detailed description of the psychological profile of an employee or candidate to make a decision about the best fit of a specialist for the position
Effective virtual assistant

Chatbot with a voice assistant, with the ability to record and to communicate with your customers
Parking management system

Solution for managing Parking spaces in residential complexes and business centers
Construction procurement system

Solution for managing procurement and tender processes in construction